lunes, 1 de noviembre de 2010

Hobbies and interests

We are going to write a brief description of a hobby or interests. You have to mention if it is an outdoor or indoor activity, some adjectives related to it and some requirements. You can include some photographs to illustrate it.Let´s start writing!

lunes, 14 de junio de 2010

Is a blog useful to learn English?

It is time for you to evaluate if this blog has been useful for you. Please, consider the following points:
- I like it (1-10)
- It is difficult to write posts (1-10)
- It is interesting (1-10)
- It is fun (1-10)
- I would like to use it next year (1-10)

Add any comment you like about this blog.

jueves, 20 de mayo de 2010


Her name is Noemi Martin Perez. Her nationality is Spanish. She lives in Loranca. She is 15 years old. Her birthday is on 20/6/94. Her favourite team is FC BARCELONA. Her favourite player is Messi. Her hobby is listening to music. His favourite singer is Justin Bieeber. Her favourite song is Baby. She goes to partys, goes shopping and sleeps a lot. She usually wears jeans, glasses, gold chains, necklaces, shirts, pants, blue socks sneakers.


Description: Caridad Ebuera

Her name is Caridad.She is 17 years old. Her nacionality is Spanish. Her hobbies are listening to music and dancing but she is a very serious girl.
She is wearing a tracksuit. She has got earrings. She has got a sweater. She has got a ring and a necklace.
Her favourite food are kebab and hamburguers.She likes modern clothes. She uses sunglasses because she looks more beautiful.She has got two tortoises. Her birthday is on 6th of April.

By Alexandra Botey Ejapa.

Description by Lorena

Her name is Noemi Martin Perez. She is from Spain. She lives in Loranca. She is fifteen years old. Her favourite team is Barcelona.

She likes listening to music, parties and she loves sleeping. She likes shopping. She smokes and has a tattoo. She is dark and tall. Her favourite colour is dark green and dark blue. She likes gold.
She usually wears jeans, T-shirt, jacket, socks, trainers, jumper.


miércoles, 19 de mayo de 2010

My boyfriend. (SARA)

His name is Borja. He is my boyfriend. He is 24 years old. His birthday is on 26th December, 1965. He is from Spain but he seems Moroccan. He is very handsome. His favourite team is Real Madrid because he says it is the best team. He wears a white jacket and jeans. In summer he likes wearing flip-flops and shorts. He is thin because he likes doing exercise.


martes, 18 de mayo de 2010


Her name is Lucia live in Spain Madrid 26 years old. Her favourite food is pizza. Her fauvorite hobby is dancing. She loves listening music. She is wearing blue jeans, a red jacket, black gloves, a green jumper, pink trainers, black glasses, blue cap, red hundbag, pink umbrella, white sock, yellou earring T-shirt


His name is Mamadou Ly. He is 16 years old. His birthday is on 18th April 1994. His nationality is Senegalese but he lives in Spain. He is black and his favourite team is " F.C Barcelona " (my favourite team is also Barcelona). His hobbies are listening to music, playing football and sleeping. His favourite singers are Akon and 50cent. His favourite colours are red and dark blue. He usually wears a T-shirt, sports clothes, jeans, jumper, trainers, trousers, socks...

Noemí Martín.

viernes, 14 de mayo de 2010


Falete borned in Sevilla in 1978 .It is a national singer.
He is wearing a yellow mini skirt .
He is got a black shoes and a pink t-shirt.
He is married with La Veneno in Canchanca.
Today lives in Sevilla with his family.
He likes Camarón,Rocio Jurado and flamenco.
He likes party,eat and fizzy drinks.