miércoles, 24 de febrero de 2010

Our hobbies

Hello I am Spanish. My name is Olivia Amadi. I am sixteen years old. My birthday is in August. My favourite subjects are English and Maths. My favourite TV programme is "Fisica o Química". lt is on Wednesdays. My favourite singers are Beyonce, Ciara, Rihanna, Bow wow,  50 cent....etc
Hello my name is Caridad I´m sixteen years old. I live in Loranca. My subjets are PE and IT. In my free time I do homework and dancing.

martes, 23 de febrero de 2010


hello, I'm lorena I'm sixteen year old, I have curly hair, I like playing football and listening to music. I love flamenco, I have no favorite singer. my favorite team is Real Madrid, my favorite players are CR9 and Sergio Ramos

miércoles, 17 de febrero de 2010

Quique Alberto

The school yard is very big. There are two football courts and eight basketball courts. There are four football goals.
In our school, there is a hall
and a cafeteria.
There are sixteen benches.There are two water taps.
There is one water source in of front of in the gym.
There are some the trees. They are in a row.

viernes, 12 de febrero de 2010


Hello my name is MAMADOU.I 15 years I like football and music. My favourite player is LIONEL MESSI AND CRISTIANO RONALDO. My favourite team is FUTBOL CLUB BARCELONA . My favourite singer is AKON and LIL WAYNE . I have two brothers. I have dark eyes. My favourite food is pizza and kebab. I like formula one pilot is MICHAEL SCHUMACKER and FERNANDO ALONSO. My favourite team car is. Picture taken by Mamadou ly



Hello my name is Miguel. I' m 16 years old. I like football and playing music. I have short fair hair. I have one sister, I have many friends, and many cousins and uncles . My favourite colour is yellow. My eyes are blue and green.I don't havent animals. Good-bye


We are Alberto and Carlos. We are going to talk about a football match: cats vs frogs.
The cats have got 5 players and the frogs have got 7 players because they are small.
The kings of stadium are the cats. They have got the ball. (WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS) The football game was very interesting for the audience.
The black cats have got a curly uniform and the green frogs have got a small uniform.
The frogs got a tragic lost.
Video recorded by Carlos Domínguez

jueves, 11 de febrero de 2010


hI,I m Alberto. I m sixteen years old
I like football and music.
My class is 3G div 2

miércoles, 10 de febrero de 2010

Our gym

My name is Vania. I am 17 years old. I like listening to music and going out with my friends. I am tall and my hair is brown.
My name is Audrey and I am seventeen years old. I live in Fuenlabrada. I love listening to music and I love dancing.
We go to Barrio de Loranca high school.. In the picture you can see the gym. Our gym has two doors. It is big .There are two baskets and four benches.There are two toilets and the department of the PE teacher. We can play badminton, basketball an volleyball.
See you.


Hello my name is kike , my class is group 3 div 2 , I have got
dark eyes , i have got dark hair . I have got sixteen years old
i like basketball and football.
i play the team versalles .
I have got the one cat and two bird


Hello. I'm Nihad. I'm 16 years old. I have long hair. My hobbies are going out with my friends and playing football. My favourite subjects are Maths and PE. My favourite singers are Fondo Flamenco and Mohammad Lamine. I've got a pet cat. He is an ordinary pet. His name is Duque. It is a big pet. He eats cereals.



Hi, I'm Cristiano Ronaldo Dos Santos Aveiro (CR.9). I'm sixteen years old. I like football. I play Campeonatos Escolares. I have got blue eyes. I have got brown hair. I have an athletic body. My classroom is 3G. See you.

martes, 9 de febrero de 2010

Irene !!

Hello ! I am Irene. I'm 15 yeras old. I like play music. I have long hair, the colour is black. I have one brother and no sister. My favourite colour is blue. I love a pasta and ice cream


Hello my name is Albertooooo. I´m from Madrid, in Spain.I´m 15 years old (my birthday is on 9th March). I´ve got short brown hair and green eyes. I´ve got one sister. My favourite hobby is playing football and my favourite football team is Real Madrid. My favourite group is SUM 41. My favourite actor is Bruce Willis (La Jungla de Cristal). Bueno os voy a dejar de dar el tostón con esta charla y esta clase es la mejor atopeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.Aaaaaaa my car is Audi R8. THE END.


Hello!. I am called Sergio. I am in Div1. I am 15 years old and my brother is my same age. I have many cousins. I came to Loranca 4 years ago. In the institute. I play badminton in Campeonatos Escolares. I have got a small dog. My favourite food is pizza. My favourite colour is orange.

IES LORANCA can't reach the final in Series Colegiales ACB

Colegio Nile will play the final after defeating IES Loranca (25-31). You can read about the game at:



Thanks to all the players!

Adrian Campos

Hello. My name is Adrian Campos. I'm 16 years old. I play football for ACD Miraflores. I have scored 5 goals . My favourite team is ATLETICO DE MADRID. My favourite football player is KUN AGUERO. I have got a dog. She is called Chispa. She eats Golden Grahams. I have got one sister. She is Sandra. I live in a white flat.

jueves, 4 de febrero de 2010

David Bisbal

Hello. I´m Judith. David Bisbal is my favourite singer. He has got four Cd´s. He has got curly hair. He has got brown and small eyes. He is from Almería. He to live in Los Ángeles. He has got one brother and one sister. He has got two dogs. His favourite food is Chinese. His favourite singer is Luis Miguel. His favourite sports are darts and football. His favourite program is The Simpson. His favourite Simpson is Bart. He´s a father. And Elena Tablada is a mother. His baby name is Ella Bisbal Tablada. She was born in Los Ángeles.

Picture taken by Judith Perez Lara.

Campeonatos Escolares

We are Macarena and Alexandra.
-Hello, my name is Macarena.I'm sixteen years old.I have got fair hair.I have got blue eyes. I like playing football. I have got two brothers and I haven't got any sisters.I haven't got a pet.
-Hello,my name is Alexandra.I'm seventeen years old.I have black hair.I have got black eyes.I like playing football. I have got three brothers and three sisters.I haven't got a pet.
We played football together last season. In Campeonatos Escolares there are different sports:
They are played in differents Secondary Schools in Madrid, against different teams.The training hours are
from four to six on Tuesdays and Thursday in IES BARRIO DE LORANCA Secondary School.The T-shirt is orange and grey and the trousers are orange. We go to other schools to play by underground or by bus. And the team that gets more points qualifies for the final.

See you!

This is our computer room

My English computer room has eleven tables with computers.They are surrounding the teacher's desk.There is a blackboard and a big screen behind the teacher's desk. In front of the door there are eight windows.There are posters on the wall.


We are César and Sergio . The football field has got six soccer goals. On the right there are some big stands. On the left there are two benches.The football field is between the stands and the benches.
There is a snack bar next to the door, the snank bar is between the door and the dressing room.

A.D.Nuevo Versalles plays in this field.

Loranca's underground

Hello !! I am Sara. I'm sixteen years old. I like football and play music. I have long and curly hair , the colour is dark. I have two brothers and not sisters. My favourite team is Atletico de Madrid.
My favourite colours are black and pink. I love hamburguers and pasta.
We are Sara and Nihad we study at Loranca secundary school. There are an underground station near the school. There is a park next to underground. There is a public transport.

miércoles, 3 de febrero de 2010


I am Fran. I'm sixteen years old. I have got brown eyes. I have got black hair. I have an atlethic body. I like football. My favourite team is Real Madrid. My Classroom is 3G. Oh Yeah! Good Bye


hello, i'm cesar, i like football , i'm sixteen yeas old, favourite team is real madrid

martes, 2 de febrero de 2010




I`m Judith. I`m sixteen years old. I have got medium-length and dark hair. I have got dark eyes. I have one dog, three birds and one hamster. My favorite team is Real Madrid. My favorite colour is yellow and pink. My favorite food is a pizza, pasta and meat but I hate fish.
See you.


My name is Adrian.I´m 15 years old. I like playing basketball and going to parties.
I have one sister and one dog. My sister is Jennifer and my dog is Yacki. She is 14 years old and my dog is 6 years.
My favourite colour is black. My parents are Inma and Fernando whose nickname is "tito Fer".I like paella and "tortilla de patatas".I play basketball in the Kalhil Hibran.My favourite football team is Atletico de Madrid and my favourite basketball team is the Angeles Lakers.My favourite basketball player is Kobe Bryant
I like hardstyle which is a dancing style.Picture taken by Adrian.


Hello! My name is Carlos. I have got 15 years old. My group is 3ºG div 1. I live in Madrid.My favourite type of music is pop and rock.


Hello. I´m Noita. I´m fifteen years old. I have long and dark hair.I have two cats and two parrots. I smoke. My classroom is 3G. I live in Loranca. I like pasta and pollo. My hobbies are listening music and shopping. I like flamenco and regueton. My favourites films are Pearl Harbor and Twighlight. My favourite team is Barça, my favourite player is Lionel Messi. I have FC Barcelona's shield on my agenda. My favourite colours are black and dark blue, but I LOVE GREEN. I haven´t got any sisters and brothers.
See you.

hello. My name is Alberto. My class is diver1

lunes, 1 de febrero de 2010

Hello, I am Sergio. I like animals and playing football , I am a Real Madrid supporter and my class is 3ºG, goodbye.

I habe got a pet , my pet is a bird, his name is curro , It is a small