jueves, 4 de febrero de 2010

Campeonatos Escolares

We are Macarena and Alexandra.
-Hello, my name is Macarena.I'm sixteen years old.I have got fair hair.I have got blue eyes. I like playing football. I have got two brothers and I haven't got any sisters.I haven't got a pet.
-Hello,my name is Alexandra.I'm seventeen years old.I have black hair.I have got black eyes.I like playing football. I have got three brothers and three sisters.I haven't got a pet.
We played football together last season. In Campeonatos Escolares there are different sports:
They are played in differents Secondary Schools in Madrid, against different teams.The training hours are
from four to six on Tuesdays and Thursday in IES BARRIO DE LORANCA Secondary School.The T-shirt is orange and grey and the trousers are orange. We go to other schools to play by underground or by bus. And the team that gets more points qualifies for the final.

See you!

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  1. we are cesar and sergio Is the well-read one your entry and us to seemed that this very well